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Travels of a Trucker The Life We Lead

October 12, 2013

Hello friends, followers and fellow truck drivers across the world. I have been taking a hiatus from blogging for awhile. Needed to get my head clear and think of other things for awhile. For me computers, writing and contesting were my life, but I was beginning to find it ever increasingly difficult to keep up with the hectic pace of being a father, working and enjoying my past times so I had to let some of them slide for awhile. I am sure you probably missed some good reading and I think I missed a lot of good storytelling.

What led me to the theme of my blog today was after reading countless articles in Pro Trucker and other trucking magazines and it made me think of this title The Life We Lead. What does the title mean? Well as truckers we always seem to reminisce about good old days but the truth of the matter is there is no more good ol’ days. After reading Pro Trucker for the last few years it has reminded me of old time drivers who keep reliving their past when they should be living for today. It’s all good that they are retired and telling us stories about 40 years ago, but how does it pertain to us now.; The new breed of trucker who is far more independent and a solo act than previous.

It’s the same thing with shows like Highway thru Hell and Ice Road Truckers. 20 years from now, the stars of those shows will be reminiscing about the way things were. Do I agree with this thinking? Definitely not! Let me tell you why.

Trucking is an industry that grows daily. New drivers are pumped out of driving schools. Older drivers are retiring and more businesses and freight are coming on board at a daily rate which is actually outgrowing the average number of truckers which has led us to the current and the ever growing shortage of drivers. As drivers we need to move forward. I liken it to the age of communication. At first there was no communication between drivers. Then there was the CB. A great device which was widely utilized by truckers across North America and I am sure Europe. Then the VHF radio replaced the CB as the method communication, especially on the West Coast. It would be a very rare day to find even one driver using CB in BC or Alberta. Everyone it seems is switching or has switched over to VHF Radio. About the only people still using CB are those who I think are called amateur Ham radio operators whose sole purpose is to be able to chat with others 6000 km away and pumping out as much wattage and getting as much skip as they can in their CB’s which by the way the average person would have no clue how to operate as these are expensive operations. With the equipment they use to get so much skip they may as well be playing records on a radio station.

So back to the point, drivers who are currently in the industry are going to age and of course there is a natural tendency to think about things the way they were and not how they are or how they will be. In other words, reading Pro Trucker magazine, I am a little perturbed that it has become an old driver’s memoir magazine that has nothing really to do with trucking in it’s current state. Let’s be serious…is reminiscing about how a guy drove 30 or 40 years ago going to bring me any newsworthy information about trucking today? I would assume not. Is reading about tales from across the pond or trucking in Scotland providing me any direct benefit about trucking in Canada? I seriously doubt it.  Is a poem written by a truck driver featured monthly going to help me lower my costs in trucking or discussing ways in which to eat healthy? Again I doubt it. So although this may be a blow to Pro Trucker magazine’s ego, it is something which must be said. The bottom line…30 or 40 years even 20 years ago and even 10 years ago have nothing to do with trucking today. Let’s move forward.

So what are the factors that out in the Life We Lead now? How about the facts. Fuel Costs. High Food Prices. Little or no Pullouts for sleeping. Highway Infrastructure. New CVSE regulations. A bears view discussing real law geared to truckers…again not a memoir about how I pulled that 4 wheeler over for impeding traffic…do I really care you pulled that 4 wheeler over? Not really. How does that affect me now? Tell me how your going to enforce the law in your area that pertains to trucks and truckers and I may be more apt to read it. What else can we brainstorm? How about new bridges and tolls. New routes being planned for highway improvements. Weight restricted highways. Safety Blitzes. Stolen Trucks/Trailers Licence plates with pictures. New laws. Chain up laws pertaining to each province. Dates of truck shows. Driving school comparisons for new truckers…and not just about your buddy in Mountain Trucking…I mean a fair cost/Class/Teaching cost breakdown. So since this is the Life We Lead, let’s talk about it more.

Thanks for reading!




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