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Travels of a Trucker Giving Thanks

October 13, 2013

My family and I have not celebrated our Thanksgiving as so many others already have. As a matter of fact we are celebrating our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with a roast of Ham, Yam and Potato Bake and Brussel Sprouts with a Cheese Sauce followed by Pumpkin and Apple Pies. Sound good??? I can’t wait! But really it isn’t all about the food although with each Holiday it does certainly feel like it. Every year we have typically hosted another family and had Turkey or Whole Chickens. This year was different in that we are celebrating as a family and not inviting guests over. It’s our way to celebrate our own family and give thanks for what we have quietly this year and reminding ourselves that things could be much worse.

This have not always been easy. Much like many  my wife and I started from scratch. The only difference is that I am alienated from my family and have never had any resources to fall back on. If for example, I couldn’t pay the rent, I have no mom and dad or Aunts and Uncles to run to and ask for money.  My wife of course being from another country had no relatives here in Canada. So our first couple of married years were a rough go. At one point we barely had enough money to buy a can of formula for our baby. However, through the years with my wife scrimping and saving money and both of us having decent/semi-decent jobs, things have gotten a lot better. Of course our family circle has gotten bigger with the addition of a second child and the sponsorship of her Mom and Brother from the Philippines. However, overall it has been a good 9 years of marriage after the first 2.

We are reminded consistently of other’s misfortunes when we go to Tim Hortons and someone is standing there begging. We are reminded of other’s misfortunes when we go to Superstore and someone is sitting on the ramp looking for handouts. We are reminded of misfortunes when we drive down the road and people are pushing shopping carts with all the possessions they have in the world stacked within it. Of course we are absolutely grateful our lives have turned out. We have 2 vehicles, we own a house, we both have decent jobs/careers and we have our health overall.

I have to give particular thanks to the trucking industry for without it, I don’t think our lives would have been successful. Without trucking no matter how much I bitch, whine, moan about work, it has paid the bills. My wife on the other hand is the true bread winner of the family and her career no matter how many jobs I’ve been through in trucking has been the rock of our family nucleus. Without her job stability and career I can honestly say we would be in real trouble.

So I do give thanks to my wife. I give thanks to the trucking community. I give thanks to the fellow drivers whom I have had the pleasure of meeting no matter which job I was at. Places like Sunrise Live Haul where I had the opportunity to meet Dean and Carl. Places like Russell Freightways where I met Terry and his wife. Places like Cham Transport where I met Najam and even places like Posse Transport with bosses there like Mo Davidson. I give thanks to my fellow drivers out there pounding the road like Byron. I also give thanks to fellow drivers like Ice Road Trucker Drew Sherwood who shows that there is life outside trucking. Highway Thru Hell stars Adam Gazzola, Ken Monkhouse and Jamie Davis who although I have not met them personally are friends on Facebook and remind me consistently week after week that I am not alone in the trucking industry and there is always someone driving or someone who is having a worse day than I.

Finally I give thanks to all my friends on Facebook who are and share in my passion of Sweepstakes/Contests. I have met so many of you and each meeting is a joy in my heart that you are a real person on the other end and not some fictitious account set up to manipulate. It’s always weird at first thinking that someone may be real but after meeting so many of you I know that you are all real people with problems, hopes, dreams, fears and lives much like my own.

I salute you all and Thank you all for touching my life in some special way!

Thanks for reading and have a safe Thanksgiving Weekend and a safe Columbus Day no matter where you are.




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