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Questions about Foreign Workers

March 1, 2015

I get asked often through Facebook Messages from drivers in other countries about Foreign Workers and hiring and I will try to answer some questions if I can. Just remember I am certainly no lawyer and I cannot speak for the companies I list in this post with any certainty. This is just a rough guideline and a general idea


There are many companies in Canada who have turned to the Foreign Worker Program under the Canadian Immigration Act. There are many reasons but the single most compelling that come arises is worker shortage for those positions. Surprisingly it is not just in the trucking business that foreign workers are hired. In some places within Canada foreign workers are brought in to work service industries like McDonalds and Tim Hortons. In other areas workers are brought in to work Garment manufacturing and in others still there is Health Care workers. However, another area which has seen and will continue to see a shortage of skilled workers is the transportation industry as the driver.

Some reasoning is two fold. One the current worker population is aging and secondly the current trend is taking people away from trucking because of the huge undercutting of wages and disproportionate rate of work or living away from home to wages. Which other job “legally” allows workers to be forced to worked 70 hours in a week but only paid for 40? With this example, is it any wonder the younger generation stays away from trucking.

The bottom line though is that freight is continual. It never ends just like the world has gone on before us and will go on after us, freight will continue to move. The companies that are entrenched in this movement predicted this movement and have built up respectable, decent sized companies who need drivers to fill their equipment. Some such companies are H & R Transport, Kindersley Transport (HWT), Kelsey Trail Transport, Yanke, Bison and Challenger Motor Freight. Of course there are many others and not mentioning them here doesnt take away the fact that they hire foreign workers and the ones I have listed here is by no means any endorsement for them or their particular brand/equipment. I am just simply mentioning off the top of my head.


H & RKindersley KelseyBison Challenger Yanke


Please note that all these images were gathered from Google Image search and all are protected by the respective companies trademark laws and copyrights.


Most overseas workers who are coming in to fill these positions have some experience. The experience they have will be in their own countries. They will be running containers in Asia or they will be running European highways and roads familiar with Ice/Snow and traffic jams. They will be workers who are motivated to looking for a challenging change which is certainly what moving to an entirely new country and driving the highways here is. For some workers who have been hired from the Phiippines the climate is certainly a huge adjustment factor especially during the first few snow falls in Canada. The workers who are brought here already have the experience at driving (we hope), they already bring with them skills at negotiating corners, turning backing up and other basics. All that remains is for a company to show interest in them, hire them, do the overseas foreign worker hiring paperwork and immigration paperwork, fly them to Canada, give them a road test on Canadian soil with the driving instructors from the Province in which they will be home based and kick them out the door. Literally. The contracts are usually 3 years and after 2 years a worker can apply for a permanent residency. (during this time they must also apply for an extension of their work permit in case the permanent residency takes longer than their permit is valid for, otherwise the work permit runs out and they have to go home and re-apply all over again).


Many of these companies that I listed previously have a contact in a number of countries already. The Philippines and United Kingdom seem to be the haunting grounds of the Foreign Worker hiring. Thats not to say that they will not hire workers from India or other places, but traditionally the 2 above fore-mentioned places are the scope of their operations. If you are interested in being hired as a foreign worker, there are a number of places you can check for more information. You can contact the Canadian Embassy in your country, you can contact the companies on their websites or through Facebook pages. It is a slow process and not one that you apply for and 2 weeks later your in a truck. In some cases it can take upwards of one to two years before you ever get a working Visa to work in Canada. But the benefits far outweigh the waiting process.

While no doubt there is far more information to consider than what I have posted here, I hope you get the idea and sense of how to go about being hired as an overseas foreign worker. I wish you luck, safe travels and happy trucking.










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