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Proper Pretrips Are A Necessity

March 15, 2015

It’s been said time and time again. Proper pretrips are a necessity. From driving instructors when you attended driving school to the company you work with, to the D.O.T. or C.V.S.E. Regardless of where you heard it from there is a necessity for it. Pretrips are there to save your life or to save the life of the motoring public. Without it, you face fines or even criminal charges if there is an accident and you are found negligent.

One can only surmise how many actual trucks are running day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The number is vast, hug and can be quantified but the number is massive. Each day these trucks are on the road there is a potential for a safety defect, a problem occurring, a crash or even worse a fatality. Not every accident is rosy but each accident is preventable in some form or another and that includes doing pretrips as part of your due diligence.

Over the course of the years I have witnessed countless accidents, not as a first responder but always the aftermath and sometimes the aftermath is not so pretty. One can only imagine the horrifying details of what actually occurred or how the driver felt when it occurred.  I don’t have many pictures to show for these accidents but suffice to say I am glad I do not. However one this is for sure, sometimes your cargo is more precious than you realize and it only takes a second to lose it all.

This is my precious cargo on many of my trips



As the name morning fresh on the above Air Freshener belies in my truck. I am sure the truck that rolled was anything but “Morning Fresh”.



One can only surmise this drivers thoughts as he rolled it over.

Im not going to preach on and on about pretrips but if you do not do pretrips. I will leave you with some friendly advice. If you don’t do pretrips and you drive a truck. Your setting yourself up to get a good bite or to get bitten one day.


As always friends. Take care, drive safe and remember even if you dont carry your little ones with you on road trips, there are certainly millions of other road users who do and your pretrip may mean the difference between them going home to their loved ones.




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