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Letting the Driftwood Go

March 17, 2015

I had a phone call today. Surprising really, from an old friend with whom I drove with previously when I was with him at the same company. He asked me how I was, and after some idle chit chat he got straight down to business. He wanted to know if we were busy? I answered his question with a “yes, we are so busy that there is only 1 truck left unmanned”. I then proceeded to ask him why but honestly I already knew the answer and it came as no surprise that he was interested in coming back to work for the outfit I am currently with. There was only one problem with that. He had been let go due to health problems with the company owners fearing he would have a heart attack behind the wheel, secondly he was let go because he damaged too much equipment and thirdly he was let go because quite frankly there were too many complaints over the length of time he took to complete assignments and he was caught sleeping around the corner from some of them. This was no case of being overworked, this quite simply was a driver who was tired from being unhealthy and overweight. I told him to phone the boss but in my heart I knew the answer to his question. I’ll follow up with this.

You see I felt sorry for the guy, my boss who has known him for a long time felt sorry for the guy, but the problems he caused and the fear of future problems were just too much. Further to this, this gentleman went to another company driving locally and ran a brand new Volvo tractor into a parked set of Super B’s. That job lasted all of two weeks. Then he started a third job which I heard about through another co-worker. That job didnt last much longer I assume either because in his call he told me that he hit another truck in this new job and said they were not pleased with him. Of course I wasn’t really shocked as much as if it had been someone who was accident free for a long period of time.

The bottom line to this article is that companies will usually always give drivers a try, but in the end, if you can’t live up to the standards of being a professional driver and avoid hitting things, or having customer complaints, or sleeping unnecessarily when there is work to do, those companies like any company in the work force will be forced to set the Driftwood free or in this case my friend who could not avoid hitting other vehicles or objects with a truck with three different companies.


It’s a sad affair really but when companies let the Driftwood go they weed out those drivers who hold everyone else back in pay raises when there are claims against the company. The driftwood creates tension when they only want to work in town and everyone has to share the workload even doing a Kelowna or a Princeton trip in the day. The Driftwood gives customers the thought that the company has a poor image or that the company is poorly run or that all the drivers are bad drivers. Thus when companies let Driftwood go, it may or may not be your friend with whom you trucked with, and as callous as this may sound it is for good reason.

I hope my friends and readers that you rise above being driftwood and are professional drivers. Keep on trucking and keep it sunny side up.

Oh and before I go check out these cameras from this company on Facebook where they have a sweet little giveaway going on. They may even save you from being called Driftwood one day or save you from someone saying you were at fault!  Thanks for reading.



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